Teaching of Graph Theory for H3 Math


The workshop will cover the following aspects: 

  1. Importance of Graph Theory – this includes the development of Graph Theory into a discipline in the 20th century and its relevance in Social Sciences, Business, Life Sciences, Computer Science, etc. 
  2. Nature of Graph Theory – this includes fundamental ideas, concepts, definitions and theorems in Graph Theory. Mathematical reasoning, proof, applications and algorithms will also be discussed. 
  3. Pedagogy and Assessment – this includes problem solving based on logical arguments, how to facilitate the learning and how to make good questions and mark students’ work.The workshop will be illustrated with examples and provide resources for reference. There will also be discussion and hands-on activities.


Prof Koh Khee Meng


JC / A Level School Teachers


18 Oct 05 (Tue), 2—5pm


Block S14, Room #03-10, Faculty of Science, NUS

Course Fees

$50 per person (inclusive of handouts and refreshment)


A/P Victor Tan