Registration Fee & Payment

Registration fee for students from local schools is $8.00 per person (from SMS institutional member schools) per competition category; and $10.00 per person (from non-institutional member schools) per competition category. If a participant enters more than one competition category, he/she will be charged accordingly. For instance, if a student from SMS institutional member schools participates in Junior and Open sections, he/she will be charged $8 x 2 = $16. Registration fee for students from overseas is $25.00 per person per competition category.

Registration fees for students from local schools may be paid by cash, cheque or IFAAS. Payment must reach the organizer or be completed before 31 May 2019. No extension is allowed. Registration will only be confirmed upon receiving the payment. For students from overseas, please email to enquire about payment details.

Cash payment must be made personally to the authorized person at the address below. Please call beforehand to make appointment to ensure that the cash is received by her

Mdm Chan Lai Chee 
c/o Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore 
S17, Level 4
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road 
Singapore 119076

Tel: 6516-2762

For cheque payment, address the payee as “Singapore Mathematical Society” and mail the cheque to the address in (15).

For payment via IFAAS for the first time, apply for the facility through MOE.

Receipts will be issued and mailed to schools once payment is received in good order. Please indicate special instructions for receipt issuance, if any, together with payment.