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SMS Essay Competition 2019

“Mathematics and Economics”

  • Economics has long been a crucial part of our daily life, as it is the study of the production, consumption and transfer of goods and wealth. Why is there inflation? Why does the petrol price fluctuate frequently? Why do certain stocks rise while others plummet? To model, explain and predict the behaviors behind these activities, economists turn to Mathematics and obtain an astonishing success.
  • The main objectives of this year’s competition are to introduce the students to the different branches of economics, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, game theory and finance, and to let the students understand how mathematics is applied in them.
  • We also hope that through this competition, students will be exposed to a variety of different mathematics topics such as calculus, differential equations, functional analysis, convex sets, optimization, graph theory, dynamic analysis, Monte Carlo method, Brownian motion, stochastic calculus, probability, statistics, modeling, etc.

Category A

1st Basic Mathematical Optimisation in Economics
Shrimay Bikash Saikia
Raffles Institution
2nd The Economics of Queueing
How Yun Hsuen Inge
National Junior College
3rd Mathematics and Economics in The World
Selvakumar Vigneshwaran
NUS High School of Math & Science

Category B

1st Application of Game Theory in Current Affairs
Chu Sida
Bai Zirui
Xu Yixiang
Nan Hua High School
2nd Mathematics and Economics
Ng Wei Ming
Soh Yong Xiang
Hwa Chong Institution
3rd Multiple Linear Regression Models –
Predicting Resignation Rate in Singapore Labour Market

Guru Anand Anish
St. Joseph’s Institution

Category C

1st Climate Change: A Case of The Tragedy of the Commons And Its Potential Solution
Alfred Tan Kok Loong
Peh Ze Rong
Pala Tej Deep
Nanyang Junior College
2nd Optimal Auction Design and Application in Facebook Sponsored Advertisements
Ge Shu
Victoria Junior College
3rd Analysis of Price Wars in Oligopolistic Markets
Nguyen Minh Tuan
National Junior College