SMPF 2020 Open for Registration!


The Singapore Mathematics Project Festival (SMPF) was inaugurated by the Singapore Mathematical Society in 2001 in recognition of the fact that creative and innovative work in mathematics may best be reflected in project work wherein ideas may be thoroughly explored and carried through from start to finish.  The Society received a donation from Mr Foo Fook Lian to establish the Foo Kean Pew Memorial Prizes awarded to projects adjudged to be the best in the respective sections of the Festival.

Programme: Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
Participants: All secondary school students
Descriptions: The objective of this activity is 3-fold:
(i) to encourage secondary school students in Singapore to carry out and present innovative and creative work in mathematics,
(ii) to recognise and emphasise the importance of project-based learning in the secondary school curriculum, and
(iii) to complement the examination-based Mathematical Olympiads organised by the Society.
Dates: Preliminary Rounds: 8th February 2020 and 15th February 2020
Final Round: 4th April 2020
Registration Fees: $50 per project for schools which are SMS institutional members and
$60 per project for schools which are non-SMS institutional members.
Enquiry: Dr Wang Fei
Deadlines: Online Registration: 20th December 2019 – 20th January 2020.
Payment and Online Submission of Projects: 20th January 2020 (submission procedure)