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About Singapore Mathematical Society

Founded in 1952, the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) is the national body representing the interests of the mathematical community in Singapore. It is a constituent body of the Singapore National Academy of Science, as well as member of the International Mathematical Union and International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. SMS organizes the annual Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival, and supports the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad. The Society also supports international mathematical conferences held in Singapore, and engages in outreach activities such as public lectures and workshops.

Singapore Mathematical Society Logo

About the Singapore Mathematical Society Logo

Dubbed the “Golden Ribbon of Integration”, the design of the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) logo bears the following significance:

  1. It represents the Society’s thrust to serve the interest of the entire mathematical community of Singapore via an integrated approach. The Society organizes and sponsors activities in student enrichment and competitions, teacher training, and mathematical research, and also attempts to promote mathematics to the general public. Most of its activities involve professional mathematicians, teachers and students together, either in their organization or participation. The ribbon signifies the Society’s role in forging the golden ties among all people in Singapore interested in mathematics, and integrating their expertise and contributions for the benefit of the entire community.
  2. The edges of the golden ribbon trace out the acronym of the Society – SMS. The letter “M” is formed within a rectangle, divided according to the golden ratio (approximately 0.618) in length and breadth.
  3. The ribbon is a portrayal of the symbol for the mathematical operation “integration”. The letter “M” forming one edge of the ribbon also represents the symbol, rotated 90o clockwise, for the mathematical operation “summation” which is a discrete analog of integration.

The logo is designed by Professor Koh Khee Meng, a past president of the Society, and implemented digitally by Mr Chua En Hao (1999).