Submission and Judging


  1. All students who wish to submit an essay for the competition must register their essay online here before submission can be done.
  2. Registration will be done online. The registration period will commence on 12th March 2019 (Tuesday) and end on 12th July 2019 (Friday).
  3. All entries successfully registered will be issued a username and password which can be used to submit their essays online.
  4. All submitted essays must be accompanied by a registration fee (see section on Registration Fees below), failing to do so will result in the disqualification of the entry.
  5. Teachers from schools submitting multiple entries can make payment for all the essays together.
  6. Essays should be submitted online. The online submission portal will be opened from 1st July 2019 (Monday) until 12th July 2019 (Friday).
  7. The deadline for completing payment AND online submission of the essay is 12th July 2019 (Friday).
  8. Late submissions will not be accepted except under special circumstances.


  1. Essays submitted will be evaluated by a panel of judges made up of mathematicians and school teachers.
  2. Each member of the panel of judges should not be involved in any supervision of any student’s writing of the essay.
  3. Decisions made by the panel of judges shall be final.