Instructions for preparing posters

  • The poster should be A1 size, that is, 84.1 cm by 59.4 cm.
  • The poster must be on a single piece of paper or cardboard.
  • The layout is portrait.
  • The words on the poster should not be too small. We recommend that the smallest fonts should be at least 18 points. 
  • Each poster should include a title, the name of the student and the name of the institution the student is representing. 

Instructions on the day of the poster presentation

  • Please bring your posters to the venue between 11:30 am and 12 noon in the morning on the poster presentation day. The organizing committee will assist you in putting up the posters.
  • All posters should be ready for display by 12.30 pm. 
  • Please be stationed at your respective poster from 1 pm till 2 pm to be ready to answer questions from the judges and the participants of the symposium. 
  • The result for the best poster presentation will announced during the closing ceremony. 
  • There will be tea breaks in between the talks. We recommend that you return to your respective poster to answer potential questions from the participants. 
  • You may take down your posters at the end of the event.