SMS Essay Competition 2019


The SMS Essay Competition began in 2007. It has a different theme every year. The objective of the competition is to expose students to various topics that are related to mathematics. Such topics could be related to the history, applications or other aspects of mathematics. We also hope to encourage articulation of mathematics through the exposition on these subjects.

Programme:Singapore Mathematical Society Essay Competition 2019
Participants:All secondary school, international school and JC students
Registration Fees:$10 per essay entry
Enquiry:Mdm. Chan Lai CheeDr. Wong Wei Pin
Online Registration: 12th March 2019 – 12th July 2019
Payment and Online Submission of Essays: 1st July 2019 – 12th July 2019

Theme of the Essay

“Mathematics and Economics”

  1. The SMS Essay Competition will carry on with the Series in the Application of Mathematics in order to encourage students to explore and discover different facets of Mathematics in our everyday life. The theme for this year’s SMS Essay Competition is “Mathematics and Economics”.
  2. Economics has long been a crucial part of our daily life, as it is the study of the production, consumption and transfer of goods and wealth. Why is there inflation? Why does the petrol price fluctuate frequently? Why do certain stocks rise while others plummet? To model, explain and predict the behaviors behind these activities, economists turn to Mathematics and obtain an astonishing success.
  3. The main objectives of this year’s competition are to introduce the students to the different branches of economics, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, game theory and finance, and to let the students understand how mathematics is applied in them.
  4. We also hope that through this competition, students will be exposed to a variety of different mathematics topics such as calculus, differential equations, functional analysis, convex sets, optimization, graph theory, dynamic analysis, Monte Carlo method, Brownian motion, stochastic calculus, probability, statistics, modeling, etc.