Milestones of the Society

1952 Malayan Mathematical Society (MMS) was founded (26th June)
1953 Published first issue of Bulletin of Malayan Mathematical Society (BMMS)
1956 Launched first Inter-school Mathematical Competition
1960 Renamed BMMS to NABLA
1967 Renamed MMS to Singapore Mathematical Society
1972 Joined Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (as founding member society)
1973 Launched first issue of Mathematical Medley
1975 Joined Singapore National Academy of Science as Institutional member
1975 Joined International Mathematical Union as country member
1986 Began participating in IMO
1995 Renamed Mathematical Competition as Singapore Mathematical Olympiad
1998 Launched Distinguished Visitor Programme
2001 Launched Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
2004 Joined The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) as associate member
2007 Launched SMS Lecture Series
2007 Launched SMS Essay Competition
2010 Launched Singapore Mathematics Symposium
2016 Joined Silkroad Mathematics Centre as member society