Mathematical Medley

Mathematical Medley is a publication of the Society dedicated to the promotion of mathematics in Singapore. It contains mathematics articles aim mainly for students and teachers in secondary schools and junior colleges, a problem corner, book reviews and reports of activities of the Society. It is distributed free to members of the Society.

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Vol 45 No.1


  • The General Pascal’s Triangle 
    Goh Bo Tao, Goh Tiong Gee
  • Kami
    Shevonne Chia
  • The Optimisation of Taxi Services in Singapore Through Data Analysis 
    Tin En Hao, Tan Chern Lin, Justin, Yeoh Yong Jie
  • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2019
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2019
    National Team Selection Test

Vol 44 No.2


  • Complexity of Polya’s Positivstellensatz for polynomials of low degree
    Tan Ze Kang
  • On Double Series
    Anne Antonippillai and Kandasamy Muthuvel
  • 59th International Mathematical Olympiad Solutions
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Events and Activities 2018

Vol 44 No. 1


  • Addressing Inaccurate and Inappropriate Prior Knowledge
    Lur Khim Tiom
  • Scrutiny on Winners and Tournaments
    Allyso Ton Li Ying, Marianna Coo Jiolin
  • Sum of Cubes is Equal to Square of Sum
    Andrew Yopp Wei Rong, Gnoh Cheng Yi
    Mentored by Dr Lee Chon Lye
  • A Refinement of Young’s Inequality
    Raghovendro Narayan Rao
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2018
    National Team Selection Test

Vol 43 No.2


  • Cardan’s Formula in a Different Planet
    Raghavendra G. Kulkarni
  • Summation of Sine Series using Geometrical Approach
    Liu Siyong, Chandru Mirpuri
  • Mathematics and Big Data: Big Data and Topographical Data Analysis
    Soh Yong Xiang, Tan Jen Han, Tan Jia Jun Shaun
  • Mathematics and Big Data
    Han Jiatao Jerry
  • SMS Essay Competition 2017: Airline Overbooking with Mathematics and Big Data
    Jovon Lim, Hu Xingyi, Xavier Goh
  • Solution for IMO 2017
  • 58th IMO @ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Ai Xinghuan
  • Singapore Mathematical Society Events and Activities 2017

Vol 43 No.1


  • Reflection Within Conics
    Hang Hao Chuien
  • Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2017
  • Tower of Hanoi and its Variations 
    Zwe Zeya, Chong Jie Jun Javin, Cheah Xue Ping
  • Trigonometric Identities
    Ho Li Xiong Timothy, Tan Kin Hern
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2017
    National Team Selection Test

Vol 42 No.2


  • A Characterization of the Golden Albelos
    Hiroshi Okumura
  • Caustic Envelope
    Poon Zong Wei Julian, Toh Yi Sheng Eusebius, Tan Zi Hao
  • 57th IMO – Hong Kong, 2016 
    Problem & Solutions
  • Interview with IMO Contestants 2016
    Glenn Lim
  • Events and Activities 2016

(Out of stock) Vol 42 No.1


  • Classic Geometric Puzzle
    Joseph B.W. Yeo, Alisher Ikramov, Alex Bellos
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    National Team Selection Test
  • Singapore Mathematical Project Festival 2016
  • A Hexagon Cutting Problem and its Generalisations
    Joel Tan, Matthew Chia, Daniel Leong
  • Minimum Distance Problem
    Aung Kaung Kuang, Lim An Jun, Ng Yu Peng
  • Evaluation of an Improper Integral
    Soh Jing Ren 

Vol 41 No.2


  • The Number of Heads in Coin Tosses
    Yap Von Bing
  • A Problem on Egyptian Fractions
    Tay Eng Guan and Toh Pee Choon
  • IMO 2015 Report
    Wong Yan Loi 
  • IMO 2015 Problems with Selected Solutions
  • Interview with IMO Contestants 2015
  • Singapore Mathematical Society 2015 Activities & Events

Vol 41 No.1


  • What are Numbers and What should They Be? A Journey Backward
    – Wang Haina
  • Teaching Poisson Distribution 
    – Koh Liang Cheung Daniel
  • The Singapore Mathematics Project Festival: A Note from the Coordinator 
    – Wang Fei
  • Exploration of the Isoperimetric Inequality 
    – Dylan Toh Shan Hong
  • enumerating (k;l)-critical and supercritical permutations 
    – Yeo Wan Jin, Yeo Tao Rui
  • Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad 2015 National Team Selection Test