Singapore Mathematics Symposium


The community of mathematical scientists (faculty, researchers and graduate students) in Singapore has grown strongly in the recent years. The Singapore Mathematics Symposium is an initiative by the Singapore Mathematical Society to promote interaction within this community and to showcase some of the exciting developments originating from Singapore. This annual one-day event will include several invited lectures by mathematical scientists from the various institutions and a poster exhibition and competition for graduate students.

Current Year’s Programme

27 September, 2019 (Friday)
2.00 pm – 5.45 pm

NTU School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences LT4


  1. Vincent Y.F. Tan (NUS ECE & NUS Math)
  2. Lim Nengli (SUTD ESD)
  3. Wu Guohua (NTU SPMS)

Detailed Program
Detailed program including abstracts

Scientific Committee
Nicolas Privault (Chair) (NTU SPMS), Gan Wee Teck (NUS Math) and Ng Keng Meng (NTU SPMS)

Past Years’ Programmes and Invited Speakers

2018Tan Ser PeowNUS, Math
ProgrammeKartik NatarajanSUTD, Engineering Systems and Design
 Bernhard SchmidtNTU, SPMS
 Zhang De QiNUS, Math
2017Van VuNUS, Math
ProgrammeDong FengmingNTU, NIE
 Yap Von BingNUS, DSAP
 Thomas PeyrinNTU, SPMS
2016Ajay JasraNUS, DSAP
ProgrammeDinh Tien CuongNUS, Math
 Hoang Viet HaNTU, SPMS
 Zhang LouxinNUS, Math
2015Dai MinNUS, Math
ProgrammePan GuangmingNTU, SPMS
 Ng Keng MengNTU, SPMS
 To Wing KeungNUS, Math
2014Chong Chi TatNUS, Math
ProgrammeDavid John NottNUS, DSAP
 Ren WeiqingNUS, Math
 Nicholas PrivaultNTU, SPMS
2013Gan Wee TeckNUS, Math
ProgrammeXu XingwangNUS, Math
 Gopal PanduranganNTU, SPMS
 Bao WeizhuNUS, Math
2012Shen ZuoweiNUS, Math
ProgrammeXing ChaopingNTU, SPMS
 Dmitrii PasechnikNTU, SPMS
 Zhu ChengboNUS, Math
2011Yu Shih-HsienNUS, Math
ProgrammeChen NingNTU, SPMS
 Toh Kim ChuanNUS, Math
2010Zhang De-QiNUS, Math
ProgrammeChua Chek BengNTU, SPMS
 Chan Hock PengNUS, DSAP