SMEC Results

SMS Essay Competition 2018

“Mathematics and Cryptology”

  • In this cyber age, cryptology plays the vital role of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of all kinds of information in all aspects of our lives, such as online shopping, credit cards, passwords, cryptocurrencies or even national security.
  • The main objectives of this year’s competition are to introduce the students to the exciting field of cryptology and to let the students explore the mathematical aspects of cryptology and its applications.
  • We also hope that through this competition, students can grasp the idea of inter-disciplinary research, as research in today’s cryptology involves mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, communication science and physics.

Category A

1stApplication of Cryptology in e-Payment
Timothy Goy
Jacob Tseng
Luke Tang
Hwa Chong Institution
2ndCryptography in Our Daily Life and Its Applications
Shrimay Bikash Saikia
Raffles Institution
3rd The Key to Cryptography
Tan Wei Liang Darrius
Ng Jing Jie Asher
Calen Tang Wei Herng
Hwa Chong Institution

Category B

1st Cryptocurrency
Jonas Cham Zhi Xian
Clarence Emmanuel Chua Yong Chen
Ong Yan Deng
Catholic High School
2nd3 Times I was Reminded of Cryptography in the Past Week
Jen Wei Yao Justin
Soh Yong Xiang
Ng Wei Ming
Hwa Chong Institution
3rd Enigma of the Enigma Machines: Cryptology Methods in the Enigma Machines
Sean Lim Shao En
Liu Muxin
Heng Tse-Chun
Catholic High School

Category C

1st Evaluation of WhatsApp End-to-end Encryption
Koh Rei Min Ashley
Lee An Min Amanda
Nikhita Nair
Victoria Junior College
2ndElliptic Curve Cryptography
Chua Ming Ru
Victoria Junior College
3rdFeasibility of Breaking the RSA with Integer Factorisation Methods
Chen Yen
Felix Lim Jing Xiang
Wong Boon Jhee
Victoria Junior College