Maths Makes the World Go ‘Round


A/P Pang Yu Hin


The workshop is targeted at mathematics teachers in secondary schools.  The title is a pun on the famous Perry Como song, but the focus of the workshop is actually on round geometric objects — circles and spheres.  The aim the workshop is two-fold: First, to promote conceptual understanding of some basic mathematical ideas used in topics such as (i) the computation of the circumference and area of a circle, (ii) the computation of the number pi, (iii) geometry on spheres.  In this process, we will highlight the process of iterative approximation used in (i) and (ii); and in (iii), from the distance of the less familiar setting of spherical geometry (as opposed to plane geometry), we hope to foster a more critical approach to geometrical thinking in the teaching of plane geometry.  The second aim of the workshop is to suggest enrichment as well as explorative activities that can be used inside as well as outside the classroom on the topics (i) — (iii).

Powerpoint Files: Day 1Day 2


Secondary School Teachers


15 Feb 03 (Sat) and 1 Mar 03 (Sat), 9am — 12noon


LT 31, Faculty of Science, NUS

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A/P Denny Leung