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From Abel to Langlands: the quest for a general reciprocity law and a grand unified theory of mathematics

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Professor Gan Wee Teck

Professor Gan Wee Teck is widely recognised as an international leader in the field of number theory and representation theory, particularly their fascinating interactions, commonly known in the mathematics community as the Langlands programme. Among his many contributions, he is especially well-known for the GanGross-Prasad conjectures, which predict the behaviour of a wide class of restriction problems, also known as symmetry breaking or branching laws. These conjectures have generated great interest in recent years.

Professor Gan holds a Distinguished Professorship at NUS, was an invited speaker at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians and was the recipient of the President’s Science Award in 2017.


The 2018 Abel Prize was recently awarded to Robert Langlands of the IAS for “his visionary program connecting number theory and representation theory”. In this talk, I will give a non-technical introduction to the historical developments and circle of ideas which led to the Langlands program.

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24 May 2018 (Thu) 4 – 5 pm


Faculty of Science NUS

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